Coconut Lime | Burn Relief

Burn Relief | Coconut Lime is everything you love about Summer. There is nothing like the sweet smell of Summer. The breeze blowing, the ocean crashing, the sun shinning... oh the sun. When that first sunburn of the summer gets you, relax inside with the relaxing scent of zesty lime and creamy coconut and imagine your on a beach somewhere, burn free. Before you know it, you'll be back out enjoying the summer, lathered from head to toe in SPF80.


- 100% Soy Wax

- Fragrance Oil

- Essential Oil

- Cotton Wick

- 8 oz & 10 oz candles come with a lid 

About Our Candles

Each Burn Candle Company candle we produce is hand-poured using 100% advanced soy wax harvested entirely from soy crops right here in the USA. Utilizing a blend of fragrance and essential oils we cook up great new seasonal scents for you and your loved ones to burn throughout your homes. Try one today. We promise you'll love them as much as you'll love supporting a local business based in Phoenix, Arizona.


About Burn Candle Company

Born in the heart of AZ, Burn Candle Company candles are designed to reflect our home town's eclectic mid-century uptown neighborhood with a clean, minimalist aesthetic and a broad spectrum of fragrances for any taste. As a boutique home fragrance company hand-pouring soy wax daily, we have one goal, to make the best product for the most people at the most reasonable price. It’s what drives us every day and what keeps us innovating season after season. Burn Candles are made by two very beautiful individuals from Phoenix, AZ who began their adventure in the wild word of candles in 2015.


Dedication To Our Home

We are dedicated to the people and growth of the Valley of the Sun. To that end, every quarter, we choose a charity to donate a portion of our sales too. We do this because we believe in putting our local community first. We support local, we buy local, and we donate local.



Try Coconut Lime today!


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